How to join us

This project addresses all relevant structures (state, municipal, NGOs, grassroots etc.) that are willing to facilitate the production and collection of paintings done by children newcomers that are living in different countries of Europe and are between the age of 6 and 18.


If you want to participate, please complete the registration form  or contact [email protected] in order to get your own access (username/password) with which you will be able to upload and manage your content. A time window of 48h is necessary for registration to be confirmed by curators.

For the communication between the working group of digital curation and the facilitator(s) of each structure the following data will be needed. These data will not be visible to the public and will be handled with care (see below).

Structure’s name // Country/ City/ Town/ Village // Full name of responsible person for uploading content and correspondence with the project facilitators and contact details: e-mail address, telephone (optional) //


Your registration is completed when you receive a username and password with which you will then be able to login in. The platform also provides you with a personalized profile for your structure. After login in you will be able to manage your content.

Content creation

We are sure that the facilitators of the structures will find creative ways to materialize the project, for example organizing a workshop (or workshops) about images, thoughts, experiences, fears and dreams about the past, the present and the future. All practices must follow the ethical code (link).

We propose to use paper size A4 because it is easier to find and scanned or photographed.
Colouring, drawing and texture techniques are of your choice. Use whatever is available to you. Keep in mind that glossy materials can create shades and shines if photographed and not scanned.

Uploading content

Drawings can be scanned or photographed and uploaded on the platform. The resolution of the pictures has to be minimum 72 dpi resolution, with minimum dimensions 1200 pixel width (height is almost every time proportional and works.)

In general, we would like to avoid using photos from smart phones – if this isn’t possible, please use the best available device, preferably bought 2015 onwards, from 8MP camera or more.

Every picture will have the following visible (public) attributes (data given by the children and posted by the facilitators of each structure):

Give an alias or a nickname to yourself! – nickname or alias of the creator of the picture Alternatively, use the first name of the child.

How old are you? – age of the creator

Where are you from? – country of origin [additionally city,village (optional)]

Where are you now? – country of residence at present [additionally city,village (optional)]

Where would you like to be? (optional) – favorable destination, additionally city, village (optional)

Select attribute of the picture uploaded: present // past // future

There is a field open for comments of the creator that you can fill up (optional).

Do not forget to tick the box “I have read and comply with the ethical code” before uploading.

Every registered structure has the possibility to upload and manage only their own content. Keep in mind that it could take up to 48h for the works to appear online, since in order to make sure that the ethical code and the technical requirements are followed, confirmation from the facilitating/curating team is required.

Note about use and security of private data: the security of data is guaranteed by Sociality (link) and the use of data follows the ethical code (link).

The digital photos of drawings and all the content included in the platform are under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

About the Project

Our primary objective is to create a digital platform (archive) – that will host “stories” of refugee and migrant children. The platform is designed to collect and exhibit paintings and illustrations done by children between the ages of 6 to 18 and addresses all kinds of supportive structures.

This project is facilitated by transform!europe, change4all, Euroculture Network, SOSRacism Portugal and ARCI.

Read more about the Project | Read our Code of Ethics