Exhibition and event in Uppsala, Sweden. Colours of a Journey is expanding!

A   group of Master students of Euroculture at Uppsala University (Sweden) initiated a collaboration with Colours of a Journey in order to bring the nomadic exhibition to Scandinavia and get an entirely new audience acquainted with the organisation.

The exhibition, entitled The Power of Drawings: Between Refuge and Home, took place from the 7th to the 9th of May in Uppsala and managed to attract Swedes and internationals from all walks of life. Many visitors of the exhibition reported that they found the drawings both moving and beautiful, leaving lovely messages in the guestbook provided.

The closing event featured speeches of two experts in the field of migration: Dr Önver Cetrez, lecturer at Uppsala University in Psychology of Religion, talked about his work with refugee children in Turkey. Afterwards, Dr Annette Rosengren, ethnologist and appointed representative to the board of the Swedish Network of Refugee Support Groups (FARR), spoke about the Swedish situation and the hardships many migrant families are facing today.
Both speakers managed to engage the audience to such an extent that many of them stayed behind for the informal Q & A, asking questions and sharing their own stories.

Have a look at the images below for an impression of the exhibition and the event!