Colours at MICAR film festival in Porto

The Colours of a Journey has joined SOS Racism to organize an exhibition at the 5th edition of the MICAR film festival. MICAR is a festival with a strong anti-racism focus and it is committed to stand in solidarity with those that are made silenced and invisible. This year, MICAR coincided with the 50th anniversary of May 1968 to remind us of the importance of social justice struggles and social liberation. Drawings representing the past, present and future of newcomer children were exhibited in the foyer of the Rivoli Theatre.

It felt empowering  to show the drawings at the festival with such a strong message of social liberation and at the Rivoli Theatre, which is a place of great cultural significance to Porto and Portugal. The exhibition has connected the drawings and stories of newcomer children with stories of struggles, experiences, victories, and everyday lives of other marginalized people in the screened films including “Sami Blood” by Amanda Kernell, “Charlie’s Country by de Rolf de Heer, and “Human Flow” by Ai Wei Wei among others.  This has confirmed the need to build solidarity networks and connect experiences of migration with other experiences of marginalization.

We have also asked the visitors to think and reflect upon the drawings, their own memories of the past and hopes for the present and future and what the word “journey” means to them. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of these conversations soon.