COJ celebrating World Refugee Day in Croatia and Hungary

Drawings from Coj have been exhibited in Budapest during the World refugee day 2018. Our friends from MiraDoor – Open Doors Hungary have decided to make an open air exhibition in Ferenc Park. The drawings were accompanied with other activities such as the Human Library with refugees, intercultural games for children and the acoustic concert of Bohemian Betyars.

At the same time, our partners from Udruga Balkon participated in a round table, “Inclusion of asylum seeker children in the educational system – analysis of policies and examples of good practice”, which was organized by the Department for human rights and minorities of the Croatian government. Representatives from all relevant organizations and institutions from Croatia joined the panel to share their experiences and prepare for what is ahead.

A selection of drawings made by migrant children from Croatia was exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb where the panel took place.